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Off Limits gameplay videos

We picked up our internal playtests again sometime at the beginning of 2009 as Off Limits drew close to an end. I recorded a few videos back then that show off our gameplay and how exciting it was to play.

The first video explains our gameplay in action.

The second video explains our Juggernaut gameplay.

The third video shows me playing as the Juggernaut and how I use it’s gameplay features and teamplay aspects to turn the match in our favor. This video also features our voice commands recorded by none other than Mr. Duke Nukem himself, Jon St. John. Through a friend of mine I was able to get in touch with him, and to my surprise he was willing to record our voice commands for Off Limits.

The forth shows me being cornered as the Juggernaut and how I use my vantage point to defend myself and how I barely got away. A very close call indeed!

The fifth video is an artsy slow motion video I created just for fun.