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Level Minimaps

Many games cut off the wasted space from their minimaps and it creates a void outside the borders. For the Off Limits minimaps I wanted to create the illusion that you were playing in a believable space that extended beyond the playable space. For this I created top down screenshots of the playable space in high resolution and I filled in the world outside, creating a Google Maps like image. In-game the minimap orientates in the direction the player is facing. No more empty gaps or voids are visible as you can see in the screenshot below, only building rooftops and skylights.

Off Limits In-Game Screenshot

Below you can see how I created these in color first. This by creating quick blockouts in the level editor first and then do a lot of copy/pasting in Photoshop. I opted to make the non-playable regions in black and white, this to clearly show to the player where the borders lie. In the end, you can see in-game what is past a wall or gate and get a sense of being in that area.

Russia (Military Base)

Styx (City)

Undersiege (Shipyard)