Auto Draft


When Off Limits switched from the alien gameplay to our new juggernaut gameplay, also came the need for a separate character model that was the teams heavy soldier. Luckily I knew a very talented character artist who goes by the name of Tim Appleby. He agreed to hand me one of his older character models, free to use in Off Limits in any way I saw fit. This gave me the freedom to alter the materials on his original character and modify the model for our other teams Vanguard juggernaut, whom I gave the teams helmet as an additional visual mark to the player. I first began by making a black version and highlighted the areas I thought could work as a team color in yellow. Once I was happy with the look and pattern I made those red and blue, as those were our team colors. After these were completed I modeled and textured two miniguns that go with these bad boys.

Work In Progress And Final Team Colors