Creative with materials

Creative With Materials

Sometimes you may reach a certain limitation of the engine you are working with, which can cause unwanted stress when adding more unique content and details to your space. For all my Off Limits levels on the Source engine I hit a limitation at one point or another. Texture memory, T-junctions, draw calls, etc. For the texture memory I learned to re-use a lot of instances from materials that were already in the scene without loosing much detail. A technique I later used on Mirror’s Edge as well when levels ran out of memory on either the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3. It also saves time which can be very important in this industry. Here is a quick example of a material I re-used a lot in “Styx”. Originally, this material was used for my elevator model. I later used it on the subway entrance doors, the subway station overhead platform covers, the entire lobby interior, the Carter hotel lobby, etc. I gave me the liberty to quickly iterate and create custom content without gaining any texture memory.